[expand title=”Young Lawyers Section”]Membership in the Young Lawyer Section is limited to attorneys who are 35 years of age or younger or who have practiced for 5 years or less, whichever occurs last. The Association is very interested in encouraging young lawyers to participate in Association activities and in supporting section projects. [/expand]
[expand title=”trigger text”]The Association sponsors continuing legal education (CLE) each year. As a member you will receive notices and registration forms regarding future seminars. CHANGE UP[/expand]

[expand title=”trigger text”]This service matches attorneys with clients seeking legal
representation in a particular substantive area from the same geographical area. As part of the service, attorneys agree to provide a free 30-minute consultation.[/expand]

[expand title=”trigger text”]As part of the legal profession’s continuing obligation to provide civil legal services to the poor, the Association administers a pro bono program. Under the present program, all licensed attorneys are members of the volunteer lawyer program panel unless they opt-out from the program. Attorneys are encouraged to complete a profile providing information concerning their areas of expertise and types of cases they will accept. Attorneys working on a pro bono case donate their time and the Association reimburses actual costs. The Volunteer Lawyer Program includes a Reduced Fee Program to service clients who earn less than 200% of the federal poverty level. The program provides assistance to lower and middle income families who otherwise would not be able to retain an attorney. [/expand]

[expand title=”trigger text”]Attorneys routinely receive funds to be placed in trust for future use. If these funds are large in amount or to be held for a long period of time, the attorney customarily deposits these monies in an interest-bearing account for the benefit of the client. When the deposits are nominal or short-term, however, Supreme Court rules require the attorney to deposit the monies in an interest on lawyer trust account (IOLTA). The IOLTA program allows attorneys to pool these small amounts together to generate interest which is paid to the North Dakota Bar Foundation. In turn, the Foundation’s IOLTA Committee uses the IOLTA money to issue grants to support civil legal services, public education programs relating to the courts and legal matters, and projects involving the administration of justice.

In addition to these services, the Association staff also provides administrative support to the North Dakota Bar Foundation and several independent commissions. Of these independent groups, the one which will play a significant role during your practice of law is the North Dakota Commission for Continuing Legal Education (CLE Commission).

SBAND maintains a state-of-the-art website at www.sband.org that provides a wealth of
information about the Association and its programs and services at your fingertips. The website is designed as a portal to the Internet. This means it is designed to be your home page when you turn on your computer in the morning and to be your access to all you might need from the Internet during the course of a day’s work. One of the newest features to the site is the ability to create a user and login to maintain your membership information with SBAND. Once a user has been created you will be able to view your CLE credit hours that you have attained by going to SBAND events or if you have filed for Individual Attorney CLE hours from a sponsored CLE. Another new feature is the ability to view your Reporting Group to which you have been

Our “Resources for Lawyers” section gives you direct access to ethics opinions, administrative rule changes, legislative status reports and other legal publications. Another on-line feature is our on-line Pattern Jury Instructions. You can now find, as a free benefit of your membership in SBAND, all the information contained in the massive civil and criminal volumes of North Dakota jury instructions.

It’s easy to make sband.org your homepage. If you are using a PC with Windows as your
browser, just go to www.sband.org, and drag the address in your address bar over to the “home” icon and release. You should be prompted to set your homepage to www.sband.org.[/expand]

[expand title=”trigger text”]The Commission is responsible for ensuring compliance with the Supreme Court’s continuing education rules. Every licensed attorney in North Dakota must report 45 hours of CLE, including 3 hours in the area of professional responsibility, every 3 years. You will be responsible for maintaining a record of the seminars you attend and the number of CLE hours approved for those seminars.

Under the CLE rules, your first reporting period will end June 30, 2016. The Commission
allows for new admittees to include seminars taken after August 1, 2012 on their first report of compliance. In May 2016, you will receive a Report of Compliance form which must be completed by listing the seminars you have attended during the reporting period. The form and a designated filing fee must be filed with the Commission prior to July 31, 2016. If you have questions about whether a seminar will or may be approved for CLE credit, please contact the Association office. [/expand]

[expand title=”trigger text”]the philanthropic arm of the Association is the North Dakota Bar Foundation. Through the Foundation several projects dealing with the
administration of justice or public education about the justice system have been sponsored. Your involvement with the Foundation can begin with as little as a $25.00 contribution to become a
sustaining member.[/expand]